an honest look at an imperfect life

you may think….

you may think you know the person writing this.

you may think we have a lot in common.  we may shop at the same grocery store and buy the same things.  you may linger too long in the potato chip aisle and buy six different kinds of cheese, never using a single one.  we may visit the same websites and watch the same movies and laugh at the exact same parts.  we may even look a little alike.  but what i’m starting to learn is that no one can really know me, and no one can really be me….but me.

at different times i’ve been a mentor, a film maker, a writer, a jokester, and a million other people at a million other times.  right now….i guess i’m just trying to figure out who i am….now….in this moment.

i am sure of this: i am the mother of a precious baby boy, the girlfriend of a wonderful artist and the daughter of an eccentric man.

but who else am i?

you may think you know…..but you have no idea.

the ride is just getting good.


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