an honest look at an imperfect life

take comfort

everyone has a comfort food- the meal that, time and time again, you keep running back to.  the dinner or dessert that makes everything feel better and brings a smile to your face.  that special food that makes even the worse day go away.  i live in the south, which is the birthplace of comfort food.  mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, barbecue, cakes and cookies.  we all have our go-to recipe or restaurant or secret stash of something in the fridge.  my comfort food is a BLT.

i remember growing up and watching my mom make herself mammoth BLTs.  it was her comfort food, and she was very particular about it.  the bread had to be toasted, it needed the right amount of mayo, the perfect dash of salt and pepper.  and it always had to have cheese.  american cheese.  she broke the bacon up in smaller pieces and put it on top of the cheese so that it would melt a little. the salt and pepper had to stick on the mayo.  fresh lettuce and thick sliced tomatoes.  i would watch her make and eat this sandwich over and over and over for years and i could see her troubles melt away.  she took such delight in such a simple thing.  i’d like to think that’s why when i got older and started to feel the problems of the world, i turned to the BLT (though, now a vegetarian version).  i made one tonight, and found myself taking the same careful steps my mom took to make it just right.  and once i took that first bite, the bad in the world disappeared, if only for a moment.  🙂


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