an honest look at an imperfect life

when i was growing up, my parents had a tradition of having our pictures taken for every holiday.  there were visits to see santa for christmas.  the easter bunny for easter.  and in most of these pictures we look like 3 happy little children.  when easter rolled around this weekend, i thought it would be oh-so-sweet to take my almost 9 month old son to meet the big ol’ bunny himself and get some pictures for our family.  my son loves getting his picture taken, and will stop and pose whenever someone whips out their cell phone.

we traveled to the mall a few minutes away and the whole time i was singing a made-up easter bunny song to get him in the mood.  he was happy and cheerful and ready to meet this easter guy that got his own homemade song.  when we found the easter bunny he was in the food court, surrounded by shoppers and browsers and other children eager for pictures.  luckily there was no wait, and i gently sat my child on the easter bunny’s lap and slowly moved away.  *CLICK* first picture.  my son couldn’t have looked more uninterested.  and suddenly….out of nowhere….it happened.  my easter nightmare.  my son started crying, screaming, failing!!!  tears poured down his cheeks like a rain storm. and then i felt it…..the whole mall stopped, and every eye was on me and my child.  fingers pointing, people whispering. the photographer took a picture of his mental breakdown and said, “ok, we’ve seen enough.”  i ran to my child all the while telling this 7 foot tall bunny that it was nothing personal.  he just looked at me through that huge creepy head and said, “you can leave now.”  i never thought it was possible to piss off the easter bunny.

my child pouted and gave me the evil eye while my family and i ate lunch in the food court.  his eyes shot death rays straight through my already bleeding heart. the only saving grace of the event was that he immediately fell asleep post-breakdown in the car.  i don’t think i’ve ever apologized for anything so much.  i begged me child to forgive me.  if he were old enough to bribe he would have gotten a new bike. but i learned a valuable lesson and a made a lifelong decision- never again will we visit that damn bunny.





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